La Zona Cavana Concept Store

Fashion, design, gifts, jewellery and not only, all this brought together in one place a 'Zone' where finess creativity and Italian talent, show themselves, celebrating the craftsmanship of authentic Made In Italy.


This is the concept store La Zona Cavana in Trieste, where exclusive fashion brands “Made in Italy” can be found: i.e. Adele Fado, Hanita, Ivories, Pianura Studio, Pier Antonio Gaspari, Roberta Biagi, the perfumes of Teatro Fragranze, Driade giftware and the jewellery of Michelangelo.


La Zona Cavana where art weds beauty!


La Zona Cavana Concept Store

Androna del Torchio, 3 - 34131 Trieste (TS) - IT

Tel: 040.2477261

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