Le Forcole di Saverio Pastor

The Forcole is the oarlock, the support that makes a pivot with the oar to row the Venetian boats.


Producing a forcole is an art so to make it you need a master, like Saverio Pastor, owner of the workshop Le Forcole at San Gregorio beside the "Madonna delle Salute" church in Venice.


Attentive to the sculptural and aesthetic qualities of the Venetian forcole, Pastor collaborates with champion rowers, to improve the performance of the forcole and oars.

Experimenting new materials, always remaining tied to the modality and the utensils of the traditional construction.


In the workshop beside the oars and forcole, today appreciated as pieces of furnishing, you can find scale models of Venetian forcole, wooden bookmarks, books about Venetian forcole and oars. The miniatures are hand made with the same wood and finish used for the real forcole.



Le Forcole di Saverio Pastor

Fondamenta Soranzo, 341 - 30123 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.5225699



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