Les Libellules

sartorial clothing shop for children in the centre of Bologna


Les Libellules, with its unmistakable windows, which belonged, in the early twentieth century, to a hat maker’s small and cosy shop, is a well-known sartorial clothing shop for children, located under the porticoes of San Vitale Street in Bologna.


Sara and Roberta create “unique and timeless" models. Les Libellules clothes are hand-made and sold in a space where the ancient atmosphere of tailoring is combined with the Atelier's contemporary experimentation.


The proposed style is essential, exceptionally well cared for, according to the best of traditional Italian tailoring. They also create some clothes with a retro style, cleverly re-interpreted using original vintage fabrics and the highest quality materials combined with modern elements.

The clothing line proposed by the store is self-produced and far away from ready-to-wear clothing.


Les Libellules tailor-made masterpiece for children, from 0 to 8 year!


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Les Libellules

Via San Vitale , 36/G - 40125 Bologna (BO) - IT

Tel: +39 051.4120393



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