Maledetti Toscani

Maledetti Toscani from 1848 create a rigorous Made in Italy, using only vegetable tanned leather, produced by an antique technique which is environmentally friendly and recognisable, it renders the leather able to weather time and age beautifully.


The skilled hands of the Tuscan artisans produce leather bags, leather shoes and leather jackets entirely hand sown.


It is the flavour of leather, traditional and distinctive that you breathe in when entering the store in Via della Condotta in Florence, only a short distance from Piazza della Signoria where Alessio and Sharon continue with knowledge and passion the tradition of Maledetti Toscani.


Nothing is left to chance, the store is entirely hand built as are the masterpieces on offer, unique artisan products inspired by the past, but actual and modern, made with the highest quality materials and leather, made to last over time.

Maledetti Toscani

Via della Condotta, 36 R - 50122 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.211981

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dale morton

Hi, I was at your store with my son on or around May 27th. We met a very kind yound woman who helped us buy a pair of buffalo leather shoes for me and a toiletry case / bag for my son. You may remember we talked about the Maledetti Toscani store in Montepulciano. We had recently stayed in Montepulciano at a B&B owned by Giuseppe (spelling?) and you had worked at the Montepulciano store a few years ago. I am sending this note because my son was involved in a significant gas explosion about 4 weeks ago and he lost everything he owned. His birthday is July 12th and i would like to replace his toiletry case that we purchased in May. Can you help me identify the toiletry bag? I can call you tomorrow if you share your store hours, or you can call me at +1 404 643 4043. I am in the EST time zone. Thank you, Dale Morton