Nerdi Orafi

Nerdi Orafi Firenze is truly an artisan workshop that, as in the Renaissance, witnesses the passion, art, tradition and creativity of Florence, the industriousness of its people, the history that has made this City great and unique through the centuries.

Here among the ancient walls of the Casa dell'Orafo near Ponte Vecchio, in the monastery where the Medici family gathered together the Florentine goldsmiths in a simple, authentic suggestive setting, left untouched over time, jewellery is made, engraving precious metals, creating seals and coat of arms, restoring and renewing jewellery and object d'art.

The workshop Nerdi Orafi Firenze is pleased to host small groups of visitors, by appointment, to show the traditional workmanship and the secrets of the Florintine goldsmiths art.

Nerdi Orafi

Vicolo Marzio, 2 - 50122 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.292382

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Carolyn Westerberg

I was referred by my fried Joan Carter who visited you in May and purchased some jewelry. I live in the U.S. and am very interested in buying a ring. Would you kindly send me photos of your availability. Thank you Carolyn


Silvia Messeri

Please contact us via mail Grazie


Lorraine Christensen

Hi I would like to see the jewelry can you send me a catalog by email please


Daniela Messeri

Hi Lorraine Please contact us via mail See you soon!


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