When paper becomes jewellery

Stefania Giannici's paper jewels 


Stefania Giannini's shop Paperoowl in Venice welcomes you in an unconventional way: the paper she uses is sourced from all over the world, obtained from quality raw materials creating something very unique.


Among her more representative creations there are paper jewels and home decorations like Venetian landscapes in a box.


Passion for the world of Paperoowl Venice means appreciating the care of the process, to be captivated by the details and to be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for the play with paper.


Every article will amaze even the most exacting client, surprising and enchanting the admirer.


The care and passion behind every object and paper jewel dignifies the material considered poor, the paper, making it unexpectedly precious.



Calle Seconda del Cristo, Santa Croce 2155/A - 30135 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.4761974

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