Sabelle Atelier

Sabelle Atelier ethics, creativity and fur reuse


Sabelle Atelier is created with the passion, mind and heart of Sabina and Letizia, two experienced entrepreneurs, who have chosen to create a partnership to give life to this brand under the principles of ethics, creativity and fur reuse.


Sabelle Atelier is an enowned international excellence in furs, sartorial garments and waistcoats. The production methods reflect the very best of the "Made in Italy" tradition, garments are beautifully tailored and careful attention of the latest trends in the sector.


Sabelle garments, unearthed from grandma’s closet and transformed into a unique and modern coat or create with new material, carry with them the memory of what they have been in the past. However they are full of new stories about distant lands and precious fabrics.

Sabelle Atelier

Via Paisiello,3/A/B - 50144 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.353345

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