Sartoria Napoletana

The history of Gino Cimmino is of tenacity and passion.

At only 14 years old he worked as an apprentice in Naples, a city with a recognised sartorial tradition, comparing himself with the great tailors of the time and perfecting the precious art of sewing.


In his twenties he undertook working independently: the inborn talent, the love for his craft and his strong personality, have allowed Gino Cimmino to establish himself through the years as a one of the prominent figures of Neapolitan and National tailoring.


His made to measure suits, the sophisticated cut and the unmistakable quality, are appreciated by many important political personalities, along with important names of the entrepreneurial class both local and national, and by esteemed professionals.

Sartoria Napoletana

Piazza Carolina, 19 - 80132 Napoli (NA) - IT

Tel: +39 081.7644744

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