Schatzi Gioielli Costa Smeralda

When we talk about fine costume jewellery in Milan, it is impossible not to talk of the works of art designed by Roberta Colombo and Frederick Apa.


Their creations are pieces of very fine costume jewellery of unparalleled beauty, produced with sought after, high quality and prestigious materials, together with an exclusive design and a refined attention to detail, resulting in luxury jewels, gems and elegant costume jewellery for all the important occasions.


Antique and vintage rings, coral articles, pearl bracelets, necklaces, jewels, jewellery with semi precious stones, silver jewellery and earrings creations that come to life in their studio in the Italian city capital of fashion and design, Milan.


Here design blends with the the antique goldsmiths art, respecting the artisan principles of Made in Italy.


In this treasure chest full of jewels, handmade by expert goldsmiths attentive to detail, you are able to acquire something original, unique and of true beauty.


Schatzi Gioielli is not only in Milan, there are a further three studios, two in the splendid Costa Smeralda and one in the famous Formentera island.


You will be spoilt for choice with so many jewels of infinite hues of colour to satisfy even the most discerning client.


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Schatzi Gioielli Costa Smeralda

Zona Porto - 07026 Portisco (OT) - IT

Tel: Mob. +39 335.8281346

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