Sogno Veneziano Atelier

Venice is a magic city away from the tourist routes it is even more so.


Inside Sogno Veneziano Atelier fascinating masks and period costumes come to life, the Venetian school is always the world's teacher.


Entering into Sogno Veneziano Atelier is living a dream.

Touching the precious materials, being enchanted by the embroidery, the lace, and the crystals, the rich and always new collection of masks and period costumes made with the characteristics of every era.

Exclusive, unique creations produced by haute couture craftsmanship, complete with all the accessories.

Papier-mache masks that become jewels embellished by lace, crystals and majestic plumage.


Sogno Veneziano Atelier also organises one of the most important events of the Venetian Carnival, the "Carnival in Love Grand Ball".

 What better opportunity to live a dream?


Sogno Veneziano Atelier

Calle delle Erbe Cannaregio 6423/a - 30122 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: +39 041.2413252

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