Stefano Parrini Cuoio e Selleria

Learning the antique art of leather and saddlery in Tuscany


Master Stefano Parrini practises his profession producing his goods with the Twaks brand and is dedicated to the training of craftsmen and to those passionate about art of leather, he makes his workshop available for courses by request or specific requirements.


The Twaks products, created by the Master in the art of Leather Stefano Parrini, are unique high quality pieces, made with leather and vegetable tanned leather.

Hand sewn with linen thread. Each Twaks product is customised by request.


Stefano’s workshop is situated in the green hills of Tuscany, north of Florence, an ideal context to live a high quality formative experience, with the opportunity to immerse oneself in an unique beautiful landscape, history and culture.

Stefano Parrini Cuoio e Selleria

Via Ampinana, 13 - 50039 Vicchio (FI) - IT

Tel: +39 055.8493053 - +39 347.7291459

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