Viola Foggi Gioielli

Viola Foggi jewellery: the true expression of the Italian creativity artisanship


In the municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, not so far for Florence (12 km), we have found a very special place, the Viola Foggi jewellery studio.


Viola Foggi, a young Florentine goldsmith, creates and manufactures handmade jewels with unique and contemporary sculptural shapes in gold, silver and innovative materials, with hard and precious stones.


Her passion to live art through creation and, the different artistic influences met in Italy and abroad during her training path, are visible in his jewel-sculptures that impress precisely because of their singularity.


Viola Foggi jewellery studio is a must to visit, if you really want to find the true expression of the Italian creativity artisanship.


Follow Viola Foggi on FB: @viola.foggi.gioielli

Viola Foggi Gioielli

Via Matteotti, 67 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) - IT

Tel: Mob. +39 333.8363391

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