Enjoy the summer in the mountains by discovering the events not to be missed, from exhibitions and concerts to sporting events. The mountains are a destination full of surprises, even in the summer, when milder temperatures and longer days allow you to fully appreciate its natural beauty.

In addition to numerous outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and mountain biking, the summer in the mountains also offers a variety of events that attract visitors from all over the world. One of the main attractions during the summer in the mountains is the exhibitions. Many locations organize art exhibitions that showcase works by local and international artists.

These exhibitions offer a unique perspective on the culture and creativity of the mountain region.

You can admire paintings, sculptures, and photographs that capture the magnificence of the mountain landscapes or explore more contemporary themes.

The exhibitions also provide an opportunity to discover emerging artists and support the local art scene.
Concerts are another highlight of the summer in the mountains.

Many locations organize outdoor concerts that allow you to enjoy music surrounded by the stunning backdrop of the peaks.

You can attend performances by local artists as well as concerts by internationally renowned musicians.

Whether you are a fan of rock, jazz, classical music, or folk, you will surely find a concert that suits your musical taste. There's nothing better than relaxing on a blanket in the meadow, listening to melodic tunes while the sun sets behind the mountains.

Le manifestazioni sportive sono un'altra grande attrazione durante l'estate in montagna. Puoi partecipare o assistere a gare di trail running, mountain bike, escursionismo o arrampicata. 

Sporting events are another major attraction during the summer in the mountains. You can participate in or watch trail running, mountain biking, hiking, or climbing competitions. These events offer an opportunity to test your skills and challenge yourself in a breathtaking environment. The competitions are open to everyone, from beginners to experienced athletes, and often attract participants from different parts of the world.

Whether you want to push yourself or simply watch others compete, sporting events in the mountains offer a unique experience.


Moreover, during the summer in the mountains, many locations organize festivals and fairs that celebrate local culture and traditions. You can discover the culinary specialties of the region, purchase unique artisanal products, and participate in folk performances and cultural events. These festivals provide a total immersion into mountain life and an opportunity to meet the local people and experience their hospitality.

If you are looking for a destination to spend the summer in the mountains, the most popular areas are Valtellina, Val d'Aosta, Trentino, and Alto Adige.

These enchanting Italian regions offer a perfect combination of breathtaking landscapes, outdoor adventures, and a rich food and wine culture.


When it comes to Valtellina, you'll find numerous outdoor activities to explore during the summer. From July 21st to 23rd, there's the Great Days 2023, ,an entire weekend dedicated to mountain biking, where friendship and fun are the keywords. On the flow and enduro trails of Montagna di Carosello 3000, you can participate in a fun team treasure hunt called the Tutti Frutti Challenge, the top-to-bottom TK Avalanche, and a 12 km-long sunset descent.
Campfires barbecues in the woods, and a festive atmosphere will allow you to meet many people with the same passion.


On July 31st, immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere of dance, celebration, and tastings during the Festa del Costume Livignasco, (Livigno costume festival) a celebration of the traditional costumes of Livigno, accompanied by tastings of local products and lots of entertainment. It's an event for everyone, featuring an itinerary through the main streets of the village to discover the traditions of this charming place. In August, Livigno offers plenty of shows in its centre.

The La Notte nera (Black Night) is a grand celebration with street performers and music, all taking place in the darkness illuminated only by torches, the moon, and stars. Shops stay open late, creating a festive and fun-filled atmosphere.

For sports enthusiasts, September brings the Icon Xtreme Triathlon. With its 3.8 km swimming, 195 km cycling, and 42.2 km running, it firmly establishes itself on the international stage as one of the most sought-after extreme long-distance multi-discipline competitions, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. It's the toughest triathlon in the world, starting with a 3.8 km swim in Lake Livigno at dawn, followed by 195 km of cycling through some of the world's most challenging and iconic Alpine passes, and ending with a 42.2 km run on trails, gravel roads, and asphalt, finishing at high altitude. It's a true challenge with oneself.

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Val d'Aosta also offers a wide range of summer activities. The most enchanting peaks of Val d'Aosta, along with other giants towering over 4,000 meters, await exploration. Fragrant alpine woods and meadows, soaring summits, and extraordinary emotions make for an unforgettable experience.

The  Tour del ru di Saint-Vincent - Courtod is an interesting itinerary for mountain biking enthusiasts, suitable for the whole family.

Covering a length of 25 km, it crosses breath-taking landscapes with few difficulties, providing an unmissable experience.

If you want to relax to the sound of music, the Festa di San Giorgio e San Giacomo is the perfect event. This celebration features musical entertainment with top-level orchestras and free entry.

For a journey through time and space, visit the  Planetario di Lignan (Lignan Planetarium). Discover the celestial bodies populating the universe through astonishingly detailed images projected with the latest 4K digital projection system.

In August, the circus comes to town! The  Le cirque Saint-Vincent is a street art event that delights both young and old, with various performances by artists of all kinds.

Also, don't miss the  Foire d’été. Born in 1969 to showcase local artisanal production and provide an opportunity for visitors to purchase local products during their summer visit to Val d'Aosta. Wood carving and sculpture, stonework, wrought iron and leatherworking, furniture making, agricultural tools, toys, miniature constructions, wooden flowers, and wicker baskets are just some of the crafts on display.

The Foire takes place in August along the streets of the historic centre of Aosta, creating a great outdoor festival with music and various animations.

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In the summer, Trentino becomes a paradise of outdoor activities. The majestic mountains offer a wide range of opportunities for nature lovers. The mild climate allows for pleasant walks through picturesque villages, where you can discover historical and cultural treasures. Local festivals and markets liven up the squares with flavour and tradition.

For art enthusiasts, an exhibition called "Klimt and Italian art," curated by Beatrice Avanzi and inspired by an idea from Vittorio Sgarbi, can be found at the Mart in Rovereto. Two hundred works tell the influence of the Viennese artist on the great masters of the early 20th century. This exhibition at the Mart showcases a varied and complex panorama in which different disciplines, from painting to decorative arts, coexist under the sign of a recognizable sumptuous, seductive, and decadent taste.

The Oriente Occidente Dance Festival returns to Rovereto this year, with performances in theatres, gardens, museums, and squares throughout the city, featuring 211 artists from 16 different countries. The themes of migration, social justice, women's rights, and climate catastrophes will be highlighted through dance performances, involving renowned international dancers.

For sports enthusiasts, Moena hosts the  Marcialonga Running Coop, with its 26 km course similar to cross-country skiing. It's a fixed appointment in the national and international running panorama. The race takes place on September 2nd, covering a 26 km route starting from Moena and finishing uphill in the centre of Cavalese.

Participants can choose to run either the classic marathon or the half marathon, with the latter ending in Masi di Cavalese (21 km).

Trentino offers not only art and sports but also flavours and relaxation. The TrentoDoc Festival is the ideal event for pleasure seekers. From September 22nd to 24th, 2023, the city of Trento and the Trentino region host the second edition of this festival. It's a unique opportunity to discover and deepen your knowledge of one of Trentino's excellent products.

The streets and squares of the city will allow you to explore the mountain bubbles in their most classic form.

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Alto Adige also reveals itself as an exceptional summer destination, offering a perfect mix of sports, art, and culture.

The La Festa sotto le Stelle  (TheParty under the Stars) is an event dedicated to pure fun. During the summer months, an evening market takes place, featuring musical entertainment and local gastronomic specialties, all under a beautifully starry sky. Here in Alto Adige, you can savour rich moments of pleasure accompanied by excellent wines.

On warm summer evenings in July, take advantage of a guided visit with wine tasting at the Merano Winery in Marlengo. You can savour exquisite wines while enjoying breath-taking views.

The Il Concerto della Banda Musicale di Ortisei (Concert of the Music Band of Ortisei) is an integral part of the cultural, religious, and social life of the town. The people of Ortisei have always shown a great love for music, as evidenced by the high musical quality and the varied repertoire of the town's band. The 57 members of the band meet more than 100 times a year for rehearsals and performances, both in Italy and abroad.

And in case of bad weather, there's no problem because the concert will take place indoors in the large hall of the "Luis Trenker" Cultural Centre. It's truly a show not to be missed.

Passionate enthusiasts of traditional costumes and admirers of the Gardena culture should not miss "Val Gardena in costume," which takes place alternately in one of the three villages of the valley. During this event, the residents parade in a grand procession wearing the captivating traditional attire of the region. The parade, which will be held this year on August 6, 2023, in S. Cristina, includes folk dances and gastronomic stands of regional products.


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Whether you're interested in art, music, sports, or simply immersing yourself in the beauty of nature, spending your summer in the mountains offers an array of unforgettable experiences. Each region mentioned above - Valtellina, Val d'Aosta, Trentino, and Alto Adige - provides a unique blend of cultural events, breath-taking landscapes, and a warm atmosphere that will make your stay a memorable one.

 Enjoy the summer in the mountains and discover all the events and activities that these enchanting destinations have to offer. Happy travels!