Mountain Delicacies: In every valley you go, different delights you can find

Which typical mountain dishes to order after a day spent on the slopes? From Trentino to Veneto, here are some absolute specialties to try!

Typical mountain dishes nourish the soul and warm the heart. In the Dolomites, food is a matter of taste and substance, but also of tradition. Hands kneading and stirring with large wooden spoons are the emblem of the most authentic cuisine, made up of steaming soups, succulent meats, and cheesy polenta. The ingredients come from foraging in the woods, alpine pastures, and ancient mountain huts, while the recipes are handed down from ancient times.

Dolomites Typical Dishes: at the summit of the mountain, skis off, tradition is served

Immersed in the slopes of Col Rodella, Ciampac, Sasslong, and Gran Risa, you can reach not only the peak for fun but also the peak of taste. The Badia, Fassa, and Gardena valleys represent the paradise of Ladin cuisine, which, with its typical dishes, is a true gastronomic heritage of great value. Here, soups with seasonal vegetables triumph, along with smoked and grilled meats, pork shank, and roasted potatoes, accompanied by fried eggs, bacon, and chives.

Undisputed protagonists of the table, from Canazei to Cortina, are speck, canederli, and ravioli, which, depending on the valley, change filling and name - from schlutzkrapfen to cajoncie to casunziei - and apples.

The 5 most famous typical dishes of Trentino Alto Adige

A mix of Italian, Austrian, and German flavours that share the common denominator of providing unique and gratifying experiences. In the valleys of Trentino Alto Adige, sitting at the table is always a pleasure and a discovery.

Among the best-known typical dishes are undoubtedly the canederli. A humble dish that, combined with a touch of modernity, has become regal in gourmet restaurants. These spherical bread dumplings, prepared with Alto Adige speck, eggs, milk, onion, butter, flour, and chives, can be enjoyed dry or in broth.

Another typical dish of Ladin cuisine is represented by cajoncie, small crescent-shaped ravioli filled with spinach and potatoes. Cajoncie should not be confused with cajincì, the"cousins" from Val Badia, namely fried and crispy dumplings filled with potatoes and spinach.

A must of Ladin cuisine in Corvara is undoubtedly the Salvan Restaurant, which with its typical and welcoming atmosphere is the ideal place to relax and spend pleasant moments savouring the "grand classics" of tradition. 

Along the Avisio stream promenade, in the heart of Val di Fassa, an unmissable stop for lovers of traditional food and rustic environments in typical alpine style is Tobia de Zeli.

In Val Gardena, if you want to try a more refined version of local recipes, we suggest the Tubladel Restaurant in Ortisei. In a space enriched by the authentic charm of the mountains, reminiscent of typical wooden Stube, you will find the perfect synthesis of South Tyrolean tradition and innovation on your plate. 

From breakfast to aperitif, we also suggest a break in some typical Ladin bars for a tasty snack or a quick lunch.

Here, you can taste sweet specialties such as furtaies, apple strudel, and apple fritters flavoured with cinnamon, lemon, and a teaspoon of rum, along with some dishes of regional cuisine. 

In Ortisei, two addresses not to be missed are La Bar and Cafè Adler, in the central Via Rezia ( Rezia street). 

In Selva di Val Gardena, it's worth a visit to the La Stua Bar Restaurant. A unique venue that offers not only the classic bar services culminating with apres-ski but also an excellent evening menu and live music twice a week.

Gastronomic specialties of the Ampezzo Dolomites

Ampezzo cuisine is partly similar to Tyrolean cuisine, reflecting strong ties with western Austria in gastronomy. The typical dishes are those of the past, poor but rich in flavour and tradition. The most famous first courses are certainly chenedi (Ampezzo variant of Tyrolean canederli) and casunziei, crescent-shaped ravioli filled with red turnip or potato, dressed with melted butter and poppy seeds. The apfelstrudel, Tyrolean apple cake, is also very popular in Cortina.

Meat dishes include roast with mushrooms, gröstl, pork ribs, and game stews (venison and chamois), served in a very original way with traditional red currant jam. Also, try the typical zigar, served melted with polenta.

If you have a romantic flair and a refined palate, we suggest savoring these local delights with a lakeside view at the Lago Scin Restaurant in Cortina.