Romantic Weekend in Milan: A Blend of Shopping, Cuddles, and Relaxation

February: the month of love. If you're looking to plan a romantic weekend in Milan, book a luxurious hotel, a private spa, a gourmet restaurant, and indulge in an unforgettable experience


Jetting off to an exotic destination for a romantic getaway isn't always feasible. So here are some ideas for a tourist-in-love experience in the capital of Italian and international fashion, Milan. 

Love & Relax: A Private SPA in Milan for 2

There's always a good reason to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation away from it all. So why not pamper yourselves in a spa during a romantic weekend in Milan? If you're seeking the utmost comfort and intimacy combined with the finest couple treatments, the ideal choice is ViVi SPA Privata

A magical place where the therapeutic and relaxing power of water, along with colours and fragrant essences, will help you rediscover intimacy away from the daily hustle and bustle.

At your complete disposal, not only will you have a massage cabin, but also a large Jacuzzi®, a Canadian cedar sauna, emotional showers with chromotherapy, Kneipp baths, and a room with bricks made of pink Himalayan salt.

To cap off the day in style, you can surprise your better half with a romantic candlelit aperitif. 

Do you want to seduce her? Capture her through her taste buds!

If you consider yourselves true black belt seduction masters, take your partner by the throat and show her that it's true love! From breakfast to dinner, here are 3 addresses not to be missed.

Breakfast at Taveggia 1909

A beloved meeting place for Milanese locals, Taveggia is a pastry shop that surprises not only for its Liberty style and Belle Époque atmosphere but also for its simple and comforting goodness that pleases the palate. Every day, master pastry chefs craft traditional Italian recipes using the most innovative techniques and highest quality ingredients. From the classic croissant and cappuccino to a rich selection of sweet and savoury pastries, everyone will find their favourite breakfast.

Romantic dinner in Milan: gourmet cuisine and champagne

Is a romantic dinner that timeless cliché you love so much? Well, you’re in the right city because Milan’s top chefs are always ready with menus to make your head spin and venues with the perfect atmosphere to offer you a perfect evening, just as you desire.

Dasein Pane e Champagne: Sensory tastings beneath the city

If there's a unique venue just steps from Porta Venezia in Milan, it's definitely Dasein. Hidden beneath the city, this Champagne bar will enchant you with its natural terracotta arches, soft lighting, and artistic exhibitions. The perfect place for a refined Champagne-based aperitif or a gourmet dinner accompanied by live music.

Ristorante Rigolo: The taste of art in a bite

If you have a bohemian spirit, in the picturesque Brera district, there's a place steeped in history and a passion for good food. An authentic vintage salon where creative minds, in exchange for a meal, have left precious memories such as comics, poems, and drawings, now invaluable works proudly displayed in the restaurant's 4 themed rooms (satire, photography, painting, and writing). At Rigolo, the watchword is Tuscan tradition, and every dish served is a journey through time, an experience that embraces taste and culture. Recommended if... you're looking for a welcoming and evocative place, but without candles!" 

Shopping in the Heart of Milan Hand in Hand

Where the true 'Italian style' beats, shopping is a genuine must. A moment to be shared hand in hand, not only in the 'fashion quadrilateral.' Strolling through the streets of the city centre during your romantic weekend in Milan, you can enjoy seeking out hidden boutiques, ateliers, or perfumeries to treat yourselves to unique and tailor-made garments, designer objects, handmade high jewellery, or organic products for your skincare routine. Here's our selection of glamorous shops to add a touch of originality to your shopping experience. 

COVA: Unique Handcrafted Garments Tailored to Perfection

The exclusivity of a tailor-made garment is the distinctive feature of COVA, a brand born in Milan in 2018 from the passion of its founder, Cristiano Cova, for tailoring and Made in Italy. The Atelier on Via Cerva is the ideal place if you want to make a 'statement of character' to your loved one and gift them a style that is unique, unmistakable, and personal.

ZHOR: exclusive perfume store on Via Montenapoleone 

Considered one of the most beautiful perfumeries in Europe, ZHOR will take you 'flying' from the Middle East to the West to discover the perfumes and essences of the world. Each bottle, crafted by hand, is a small work of art containing a unique and unforgettable olfactory experience. Fragrances that envelop the senses with exotic and mysterious evocations, prepared by master perfumers.

Bio Profumeria Resy: Biocosmetics and Natural Cosmetics in Milan

If you've been swept away by the new wave of green skincare, don't miss the natural products at Bio Profumeria Resy An Italian brand offering a wide range of natural cosmetics for skincare, hair care, and vegan makeup.

Romantic Weekend in Milan: Limousine or Sports Car?

Win her back with the right car! Choose Verasmo's style to once again make a breakthrough in her heart and exceed her expectations. You're in the City of luxury, where anything is possible, including a Limousine or a chauffeured Mercedes!