Soaring Elegance: Helitaly

A Decade of Tailor-Made Luxury in the Skies

Helitaly has established itself as the leading architect of unforgettable journeys through the Italian skies. With roots tracing back to 2014, marking the dawn of a brand that would redefine sophistication in airborne experience, celebrating a decade of providing exceptional services.
Helitaly has recently been honored as the winner of a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Helicopter Flights in Italy, 2023.Helitaly was founded by the visionary Mauro Turchetti as an ambitious branch of the historic family-run business Quattroti Dentech Srl. In 2022 the company branch split, and Helitaly Srl was registered. Today is run by dedicated General Manager Andrea Turchetti and a passionate Team.


Helitaly crafts experiences that transcend the ordinary. Specializing in tailor-made Helicopter Flights, Private Jet charters, eno-gastronomic adventures, scenic tours, sports events, and an array of luxury experiences, Helitaly ensures that every moment becomes a cherished memory in the tapestry of an Italian trip.

At the heart of Helitaly's success is the dedication to providing an elevated experience that extends beyond mere transportation. Helitaly defines "traveling in style," where every detail, from safety to comfort, is meticulously curated to offer a premium and personalized trip.


Helitaly goes above and beyond to tailor flight routes, tours, cabin amenities, and additional services to align with the unique preferences of each guest. They’re in the business of turning dreams into reality, creating bespoke journeys where the only limit is one's imagination.

Strategic partnerships with premier airline operators allow Helitaly to extend its reach throughout Italy and beyond. With a diverse fleet of aircraft, multiple routes, and competitive pricing, Helitaly isn't confined to helicopters and private jets alone. Luxury cars, minivans, yachts, hotel reservations, and restaurant bookings are seamlessly integrated into their repertoire. Helitaly takes pride in organizing and coordinating every aspect of travel, leaving clients with only one task – savoring the experience.


Helitaly defines luxury as a philosophy. It's about having tailor-made services, high-end aircraft, exclusivity, meticulous attention to detail, privacy, and comfort. It's about indulging in high-level experiences that tantalize the senses while saving precious time.

While initially renowned for its diverse helicopter tours and experiences, Helitaly has evolved with the times. The company's pioneering spirit led them to expand their offerings, incorporating a myriad of services beyond airborne adventures. In a market where competitors have followed suit, Helitaly remains the pioneer, managing and coordinating a comprehensive suite of services for their clients, a testament to their dedication to being the one-stop solution for luxury travel.

As they soar into the future, Helitaly remains committed to crafting exceptional experiences, where the skies are the canvas, and each journey is a masterpiece of elegance.

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