Apricot, personal ally of beauty. Top treatments at the Garberhof hotel in Venosta Valley.

By Marco Giovenco

Immersed in the green landscapes of Venosta Valley surrounded by the Ortles Alps in northern Italy at the highest peak in South Tyrol, the Garberhof hotel in Malles Venosta makes well-being a priority for its guests.

Here, in the Mii:Amo spa, the spa manager Mattias Winkler and his expert team offer a series of exclusive treatments with natural cosmetics based on Venosta apricot: face and body treatments suitable for preparing the skin for summer with their nourishing and moisturizing. Furthermore, to purify the body and skin, you can undertake a purification ritual in the largest hotel hammam in Italy and one of the largest in Europe: spring is the perfect season for this oriental wellness experience to exfoliate and regenerate the skin, as well as purifying the body.


Expert advice and the regenerating power of apricot

«With the arrival of summer it is important to prepare the skin for sun exposure and high temperatures with specific treatments to eliminate all impurities and provide deep hydration» explains the spa manager of Mii:amo spa Mattias Winkler. «This is why we recommend to our guests the body peeling from our natural cosmetics line “Prunus Armeniaca” which exploits all the power of the apricot to delicately eliminate dead cells and impurities from the skin, leaving room for the life cycle of new cells epithelial. The skin will have a better texture, will keep its tan for longer and will be ready to absorb your daily skincare products better».


An extraordinary fruit allied to well-being

In Venosta Valley, in the higher parts, apricots grow between 700 and 1200 meters above sea level, developing an unmistakable aroma and numerous beneficial properties. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this typically summer fruit is a precious ally for the skin: the oil obtained from pressing the stone is used in the cosmetic field for the targeted treatment of the eye contour and stretch marks, as well as being used in treatments anti-aging as an effective contrast to free radicals, responsible for cellular aging. To exploit the natural power of apricot, the "Prunus Armeniaca" line also includes three types of facial treatment (classic, premium and anti-age), moments of well-being in which the skin regenerates and regains freshness and luminosity.


The silent luxury of the Garberhof boutique hotel in Venosta Valley

The sweet and soft scent of apricot is a constant inside the Garberhof, a 4* superior hotel inaugurated in 1981 by the Pobitzer family and recently renovated under the concept of "silent luxury": a luxury that is not sumptuous but silent, which perceives and breathes in the warmth and welcome of every environment.

From the Felix Luis gin to be enjoyed in the renovated 1981 Lounge Bar, to the "Prunus armeniaca" line of natural cosmetics produced exclusively for Garberhof, apricot is the aromatic leitmotif of the proposal of the boutique hotel in Malles Venosta, in Alto Adige.