Vinitaly 2024: The Triumph of Kosher Wine Produced in Italy

Vinitaly 2024 Concludes Successfully: 97,000 Attendees and Growth in Foreign Operators

Vinitaly 2024 concluded with great success, attracting 97,000 participants, including over 30,000 foreign operators from 140 countries. The presence of international operators grew by 20% compared to the previous year, highlighting a growing interest in Italian wines. Vinitaly Plus organized over 20,000 business meetings, double the number from the last edition, while Vinitaly and the City saw an 11% increase in tastings, surpassing 50,000. The United States remains the main foreign buyer, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and Canada, with a 6% increase. Japanese buyers recorded a 15% growth. Vinitaly 2024 confirms its key role in the wine world, promoting Italian excellence and strengthening global commercial ties.


Kosher Sparkling Wines: Bottega Spa Italian Leader in the World

The Bottega family, with a four-century history in the world of wine and grappa, founded the eponymous company in 1977, which operates as both a winery and a distillery. Headquartered in Bibano di Godega (TV), 50 km north of Venice, it produces grappas, wines, and liqueurs appreciated worldwide. Recently, Bottega Spa, maintaining its family identity, entered the kosher market with the addition of a new and special Prosecco to its portfolio: Vino dei Poeti Bottega Gold.


The official announcement of Vino dei Poeti Bottega Gold was accompanied by a special event at Vinitaly 2024, one of the most prestigious and influential wine fairs in the world, where enthusiasts, experts, and producers gather to celebrate wine excellence. The presentation of this new gem from Bottega Spa generated great interest and appreciation among industry professionals, who had the opportunity to taste and discover the unique characteristics of this high-quality Prosecco.

The decision to introduce Kosher Prosecco was driven by the desire to expand Bottega's offerings to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele that is attentive to the quality and origin of the products they purchase.

Mrs Sonia Moura asked Mr.Sandro Bottega, on behalf of Orizzonte Italia, to tell us about their Kosher Prosecco, particularly regarding the certification that accompanies the production of this wine.

Mr.Sandro Bottega explained: “The Kosher certification guarantees the production process, supervised by a Rabbi, and certifies the absence of substances not permitted by rabbinical law, particularly for Passover (Jewish Passover).

For us, it was a quest for quality; I can affirm that the Kosher Prosecco we currently produce is definitely the best Prosecco we have ever made. This is due to our technical experimentation, the quality of the grapes, and the fact that they were entirely hand-harvested. We chose a specific hillside cru, thus obtaining certification that all the grapes come from a designated area. All these elements together allow us to obtain a product of the highest quality.”

The production cost is certainly higher, but for the consumer, it is not just about product improvement; it is also a status symbol, reserved for a few. This type of certification was a goal we pursued in the past, but now we believe that the time has come for the Kosher product to find its significant place in the food sector, not only for grape-based products.”

This certification process is validated by the Badatz Beit Yosef, "the highest authority" in this field in Israel.

Bottega Company boasts a long history of producing award-winning grappa, wines, and liquors since the 1970s. Bottega Spa's dedication to quality and craftsmanship is reflected not only in the exceptional products it offers but also in the refined aesthetics of its hand-blown glass bottles, which have won numerous design awards.
With the introduction of Kosher Prosecco and its presentation at Vinitaly 2024, Distilleria Bottega continues to affirm its commitment to oenological excellence and innovation, carrying forward a tradition of quality and passion that captivates palates worldwide.



New Opportunities for Friulian Companies: Kosher Certification and Internationalization

Friuli Venezia Giulia stands out as the first region in Italy to integrate kosher certification into financial support programs, serving as a national model. Recently, the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia announced significant funding for agricultural enterprises producing kosher products, aiming to strengthen the regional agri-food supply chain and promote the certification and internationalization of these products. This initiative will enhance the kosher sector, including products such as wine, and expand market opportunities both locally and internationally.

Five companies are already in advanced stages of obtaining kosher certification, which will ensure access to new markets, including Israel and North America, where Jewish communities are particularly interested. The involved enterprises, specializing in the production of wine, spirits such as grappa, and certain dairy products, will have the opportunity to capture new segments of the foreign market, allowing a broad audience to enjoy Friulian delicacies in compliance with the dietary rules of the Jewish religion.