As the warm embrace of summer gives way to the crisp chill of winter, the Venosta Valley transforms into a picturesque wonderland, offering a plethora of outdoor activities that capture the essence of the autumn-winter season.

by Marco Giovenco 


Nestled in South Tyrol, this region boasts apple orchards that take on a different charm under the frosty breath of winter. The landscape becomes a canvas for a new set of adventures, including snowshoeing, skiing, cozy carriage rides, and soothing spa experiences.

The snow-draped apple orchards set the stage for unforgettable winter treks and leisurely strolls. The scent of apple blossoms gives way to the serene hush of snowfall, and the vistas that unfold between autumn and winter are truly enchanting. Venosta Valley, one of the prominent valleys in Trentino - Alto Adige, extends from the Resia pass at 1,500 meters, nestled between the Swiss and Austrian territories, to the charming city of Merano. Alongside the Adige Valley, the Isarco Valley, and the Burgraviato, this region is famously referred to as the "Orchard of Europe." In winter, the apple orchards, thriving at elevations ranging from 200 to 1,000 meters above sea level, are blanketed in snow, adding a touch of magic to the landscape.

The microclimate, characterized by ample sunlight, moderate rainfall, chilly days, and frosty nights, nurtures the growth of exquisite, juicy, and aromatic apples. This unique environment has given rise to a robust regional identity centered around this beloved fruit. With nearly 7,000 producers contributing to an annual yield of nearly one million tons of apples, this region has become synonymous with apple cultivation.

The delights of the harvest extend beyond fresh apples to a wide array of delectable products like jams, juices, dried apples, and the delectable pastry creation known as Strudel.



The charming town of Malles Venosta is an ideal starting point for immersing yourself in the wonders of the winter landscape around the Resia Pass. Exceptional accommodations such as the renowned ****S Garberhof hotel  offer not only comfortable stays but also professional excursion guides and top-notch equipment for winter exploration.


The upper valley region presents over 300 kilometers of well-marked trails and approximately 250 kilometers of scenic winter biking paths, all of which unveil breathtaking panoramas along the Swiss and Austrian borders. One cannot miss the frozen expanse of Lake Resia, where an old bell tower has stood since 1950, emerging from the icy waters. This bell tower is a poignant reminder of the submerged village that once thrived here, sacrificed to make way for a grand dam project. While winter permits a leisurely stroll across the frozen lake to the bell tower, warmer months beckon sailors, kitesurfers, and travelers aboard the MS Hubertus Interregio, a motor-ship departing from the nearby harbor.

Transitioning from the crystalline waters to the majestic peaks, Kassian, a seasoned alpine hiking guide, curates captivating itineraries that unveil the splendors of the Ortles mountains, the Mazia Valley, the Resia Pass, and the neighboring Monastero Valley. Particularly enchanting is the journey to Vallelunga, an eastward-slanting valley extending from Curon to the Austrian border. The village of Melago serves as a launchpad for winter biking, hiking, and via ferrata expeditions, as well as charming horse-drawn carriage rides that enchant both the young and the young at heart. Trails well-suited for families lead from here to the picturesque Malga Melago, an intersection for various paths.



After a day of invigorating winter pursuits, there's nothing quite like indulging in the warmth and tranquility of a spa. The Garberhof hotel in Malles offers a sanctuary of relaxation in the form of the Mii:Amo spa, spanning over 2,200 square meters. The spa boasts Italy's largest hotel hamam, a lavish 500-square-meter haven dedicated to holistic wellness. Surrounded by a natural swimming pond treated using organic methods, saunas, panoramic relaxation areas, and a heated infinity pool offer spectacular views of the snow-clad peaks of the Ortles.

As the seasons transition and autumn fades into winter, Val Venosta reveals a new facet of its beauty, inviting you to savor the joys of winter exploration, alpine escapades, and rejuvenating spa experiences. With its snow-kissed landscapes and a myriad of activities, Val Venosta truly emerges as a winter paradise in all its splendor.