Puntos Calzature

Bespoke shoes: Puntos, the italian luxury crafts


Tradition and great craftsmanship.
Puntos bespoke shoes embody "The art of knowing how to do well" and represent Made in Italy excellence.


All models of men's and women's shoes are made following the standard process of handmade footwear and are the result of the fusion of manual creativity and high-quality materials. Puntos has managed to conquer its customers by investing in the search for quality and trendy leathers and fabrics, boosting the imagination of those looking for an excellent product suitable for any outfit.


Puntos bespoke shoes are perfect for those who want to stand out and express their individual style with refinement and originality, or just wear a unique item, capable of telling a story.


Puntos Made in Italy also produces bespoke shoes for Bride and Groom.

Puntos Calzature

Via G. Matteotti, 69 - 47841 Cattolica (RN) - IT

Tel: +39 0541.960660 - Mob. +39 339.4328216



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