Quartopiano Suite Restaurant

In a Gourmet Restaurant in Rimini in an atmosphere all its own

The Quartopiano Suite Restaurant is such an original place, that although you are in a Gourmet restaurant in Rimini, you would seem to be in a place of its own.


An impeccable dinning room made of glass walls with Rimini at its feet.

Running the kitchen is Chef Silver Succi, with his experience, he delights the palettes with innovative and sought after choices.


Quartopiano was chosen to represent Rimini at Expo 2015.


Andrea Tani launched Quartopiano together with Chef Silver Succi and Fabrizio Timpanaro restaurant manager, the Quartopiano Suite Restaurant is in the local panorama and not only.

Andrea Tani, how did Quartopiano start, and above all, where is it going?

"Quartopiano started with the wish to combine the traditional romagnola cuisine with a different project of restaurant service, which reflects the personality of the chef and his staff, together with the attention, professionalism and warmth of the restaurant service, closer to a caress than a cold and sterile service.
Where we are going I would not know, our aim is definitely to evolve towards an ever higher perfection, whether from our own ambition, or from the expectations of the public."

Tani Italian restaurant business, in your option is it still top at an international level?

"I am certain that it is! It is obvious in the first place by the ever more awards and successes of our chefs around the world, together with the fact that being a constant inspiration or being the bench mark for others confirms it.
We would be mistaken if we thought we were the only ones or the best, cuisine and restaurant
Business, in general, is developing towards a higher excellence, which is not exclusive to us."

Chef Silver Succi, how would you define your cuisine?

"A cuisine that has a traditional inspiration, reinvented in an actual key, attentive to the needs of today, very attentive in respecting the raw material and celebrating it with new cooking and modification methods, able to express itself to the fullest of its potential. This is very notable in the dishes and if we succeed in our intent, it is enormously appreciated by our clients."

Succi, creativity and experience, a prediction for the new menu Quartopiano?

"Umm easily said, usually I am Inspired the moment, together with my crew, we are planning the new menu…. the season is always our guiding line, therefore autumn and winter will find a substantial space in the menu…. and spoilers aren't fashionable (lol)…we simply await you at Quartopiano yours Gourmet restaurant in Rimini!".

Quartopiano Suite Restaurant

Via Chiabrera, 34C - 47924 Rimini (RN) - IT

Tel: +39 0541.393238



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