Ristorante Cavalluccio Marino

Eating with a sea view in a fish restaurant in Riccione, savouring more than 50 years of tradition

If you wish to eat in a fish restaurant in Riccione enjoying a splendid sea view, the ideal place is Cavalluccio Marino.


Overlooking the harbour, with an appealing terrace and a summer garden, the fish restaurant Cavalluccio Marino is one of the historic places in Riccione: opened in 1964 with the same ownership today it is an institution of good local food.


Included in the culinary proposals, all fish based, the shellfish Catalan style, varied fish crudités and mix of shellfish, stand out. Among the first courses the spaghetti with shellfish and molluscs served in a pan , the paccheri with lobster and the Bauletti Cavalluccio Marino are all excellent. The grand mixed fried fish is impressive and the grilled selected shellfish is to try!


The cellar offers more than 200 wines, some excellent Italian and French wines and a good selection of selected artisan beers.


A family run business perfect like a Swiss watch, today with the same enthusiasm as in the past, in an elegant setting that boasts 250 indoor place settings and 150 outdoor place settings, offering quality and a high level of service.

The restaurant has a smoking room open all year

Ristorante Cavalluccio Marino

Piazzale del Porto, 3 - 47838 Riccione (RN) - IT

Tel: +39 0541.693128



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