Classic Boats Venice

Classic Boats Venice a unique way to experience the Venice lagoon


Classic Boats Venice offers a unique way to experience the Venice lagoon and fully enjoy its beauty and charm.


Boats Venice Bareboat Charters gives guests a truly new perspective to explore the beauty of Venice on their handcrafted boats.

These typical Venetian wooden boats can be rented by the hour or by the day and can be driven without a boating license.


Second and new to 2019 for Classic Boats Venice is the Vintage Selection. This new line of boats offers event and adventure trips through the lagoon with an expert driver and the possibility to select among three different themed routes: culinary, cultural/historical, and natural. The three boats featured in the Vintage Selection are rare examples of sophisticated boatbuilding artisanship, style and charm. 


Classic Boats Venice is pleased every day to offer delighted customers the chance to see Venice from the Venetian perspective: from its sea.


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Classic Boats Venice

Isola della Certosa - 30141 Venezia (VE) - IT

Tel: + 39 041.5236720

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