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Rimini e-bike tour

Sea, harbour, fishing borough, cinema and hill. All of it in one city: Rimini by e-bike


The Rimini e-bike tour represents an alternative moment to know the city while having fun meeting new friends.


From Rimini harbor to the ancient Fellini village of San Giuliano, a neighborhood transformed by the art of Federico Fellini and Tonino Guerra, to discover the murals in the streets. We will cycle along the Marecchia park to the Piazza sull'Acqua in front of the Tiberius bridge.

We will visit the historical center of Rimini and all the monuments, squares and points of interest of the city: the Amphitheater, the Malatesta Rock, the old fish market, the Surgeon’s House, the Museum. Then, again, the Roman arch of Augustus and the new historic center with the renovated Galli theater and the Fulgor cinema, an icon of Fellini's art in Italy and in the world.


We will continue with the bike path along the Cervi Park, up to the Palacongressi and the Park up front.


We’ll go back up to the tip of Covignano, from where we will be able to see all the wonderful panorama of the city of Rimini. We will return to the sea up to the Grand Hotel, with a brief visit to the gardens and the 4 horses’ fountain.


32 km - simple flat route - about 3 hours and a half - FOR EVERYONE 


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