Scuola di Sci e Snowboard Selva


Ski holiday in Val Gardena


Ski holiday in Val Gardena? If you want to learn to ski or improve your technique rely on the Selva Ski School, one of the first schools in South Tyrol, founded in 1937.
Today over 100 teachers are part of the school, including former World Cup athletes, national instructors and coaches, who stand out for their great competence and professionalism.


Experience and know-how have always been the strengths of the Selva Ski School, recognized nationally not only for the knowledge of the most innovative techniques of the moment but also for the attention paid to collective ski courses for children, so to obtain the “Marchio d'Oro” (Golden Brand) as a specialized school for teaching children.


The headquarter of the Selva Ski School, a modern and efficient building boasts a fully equipped ski and snowboard rental, a ski deposit, and the Restaurant Kids Selvi. Also available to customers is a snow park with two magic carpets, a ski lift, and a Competitive Centre for those who want tailored technical programs. The school not only collaborates with most of the hotels in Selva Gardena but also organizes torchlight descents, ski shows during the winter season and so on…



Quality Rental


Our rental shop in Val Gardena offers perfectly prepared skis for adults and children, a requisite for a comfortable and safe skiing day. Some of our services are: edge grinding, ski waxing and ski binding adjustment.

Furthermore, we place great importance on the first class quality of ski boots and ski helmets and on their disinfection with antibacterial products after each return.

Your safety is our top priority. Enjoy your skiing holiday in Val Gardena with the help of our excellent ski and snowboard rental in Selva.


Scuola di Sci e Snowboard Selva

Via Dantercëpies, 4 I - 39048 Selva Val Gardena (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 0471.794257 - Rental: +39 0471.773402

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