Scuola Sci & Snowboard Corvara Ladinia

The Pioneers: The Corvara-Ladinia Ski & Snowboard School!

Immersed in the magical atmosphere of the Dolomites, the Corvara-Ladinia Ski & Snowboard School shines like a true mountain gem, holding within itself over 80 years of experience. Here, tradition embraces innovation, giving life to an exciting journey through the most fascinating slopes and stimulating lessons.
Tradition and innovation in harmony:
As the first ski school in Alta Badia and one of the first in the Dolomites, the Corvara-Ladinia Ski & Snowboard School boasts not only pioneering foundations but also the first prestigious recognition with 5 quality crystals in Alta Badia, the highest standard in South Tyrol. The school is steeped in a rich heritage of wisdom and expertise, lending each descent a touch of authenticity and mastery. We distinguish ourselves for our forward-thinking vision, combining the wisdom of the past with the most modern techniques.
Learning transforms into a unique experience:
With a staff of over 90 specialized instructors, students can explore multiple disciplines: alpine skiing, snowboarding, and telemark. Both group and individual lessons are structured to meet the needs of adults and children, allowing each individual to improve style and technique while exploring the Dolomite territory. Each lesson represents a step forward, making the snow experience increasingly smooth and thrilling.
The experiences: explore the Dolomites with skis on your feet!
The true innovation at the Corvara-Ladinia Ski & Snowboard School is the "experiences." Imagine waking up in the morning, flying over the majestic Dolomites at dawn in a helicopter until you reach the base of Marmolada, where you can be the first to conquer the summit of the queen of the Dolomites by cable car. Or, think about traversing the famous Sellaronda circuit, taking a break for a delightful lunch, and then returning by helicopter just as the Dolomites turn red during the natural phenomenon known as "enrosadira."
We await you for these and many other unique experiences in Corvara, Alta Badia!
+39 3299317933
Learn Ski. Smile.
"Our mission is the commitment and passion with which our instructors transmit not only skiing techniques but, above all, the love for the mountains and for this extraordinary sport."

Scuola Sci & Snowboard Corvara Ladinia

Str. Burjè, 8 - 39033 Corvara (BZ) - IT

Tel: +39 3299317933

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