Castel di Pietra

An educational restaurant and more...


Located in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, within the medieval wall of Palazzo Ducale of Pietramontecorvino, the educational restaurant Castel di Pietra is an exclusive location for important events as well a dream castle for unforgettable weddings.


Invited to join to the International Academy of Italian Cuisine for its ability to reimagine traditional Italian dishes in a modern and innovative way, the Castel di Pietra today is not just an Italian cooking school but also a specialized location for events and weddings.


What is its purpose? To let the visitor or the student take a journey through history looking for the precious typical gastronomic treasures, which preserves the knowledge and flavours linked to the fresh wild herbs, cheeses, cured meats and truffles of the Monti Dauni.


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Castel di Pietra

Via Arco Ducale - 71038 Pietramontecorvino (FG) - IT

Tel: + 39 0881.519161

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