David Glauso Photographer

At ten years old David Glauso received as a present a reflex analog camera, for eight years it was his passion.

At eighteen he put his passion to one side, for almost twenty years David dedicated himself to the work of software developer.

In 2011 the old love returned, almost as a joke, an escapism from the everyday.

In the place of the reflex analog camera, there is a reflex digital camera,he begins to photograph street scenes, where he regains method and style, for a year making Street Photography.

He recounts his Florence, the places, the people, the faces, in a simple way, as he admits himself.

His influences are: Jeanloup Sieff, Elliott Erwitt, Robert Doisneau, Helmut Newton and all who appreciate a dynamic photograph.

Driven by his curiosity for people in an introspective search of being, David Glauso continually refines his photographic compositions, creating shot after shot, his own style that becomes his stylistic signature.

Today David Glauso is a sought after professional photographer who specialises in street style fashion features, business features, events and portraits.

David Glauso Photographer

Via di Ripoli, 27 - 50126 Firenze (FI) - IT

Tel: Mob: +39 339.7686686



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